“Jodoh ditangan…

“Jodoh ditangan tuhan, tapi ukuran bicep ada ditangan kita” -thomas teguh






A review about http://tinsiders.blogspot.com


This blog is about design, inspirations, and innovation.  This blog shows us much innovation in the world.  Innovative product, good design, and useful things like gadgets are shown. Information about innovation and creative product is very interesting to read.

But the strength of this blog is the design. This blog looks great because the design. There are seven sections of view in this blog. Classic, flip card, magazines, mosaic, sidebar, snapshot, and timeline. Each of section looks great in design; people who read this blog can choose what view they want. And provide much useful information about creative and innovation in this world.


Overall this blog is quite good and interesting to watch, people can enjoy seeing this blog because it is well designed. Hopefully this blog continue to work in providing information about innovations. Because it is very inspiring.