ImageWeek 3

 This blog is very good in design. At the first sight, this blog looks promising. The name chosen was great. Creative generalist, like its name, this blog want to make the reader to be creative. The information given in this blog is quite useful and easy to understand.

 There are 6 menus in this blog. There are home, overview (wander & wonder) , inspiration (synthetize & summarize) , blog (Link & leap), people (mix & match), about (experience & empathize). In inspiration section, there are 4 sub-section; news, vacation, curations, bookshelf. In blog section, there are 3 sub-section; miscellany, interviews, and perspective. In people section there are 3 sub-section; society, CG sessions, faves & friends

 Overall this blog is very interesting to read. The design is well designed. And the information is good.


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