Field trip to Brightspot Market and Jakarta Fashion

Field trip to Brightspot Market and Jakarta Fashion week


I think the creative and innovative from brightspot market is the design. Decoration looks promising but the tenant spot looks not good. The place is not suitable for this market. I think it would be better if brightspot market conducted in Plaza senayan like last year. I think that place is better than grand Indonesia. Because the place is very small for a huge number of visitor. What I learnt from field trip to brightspot market is to become a tenant in brightspot market, we should have a good branding of our product. Because the tenant In brightspot market is only a leading fashion brand in Indonesia. And of course, the market segmentation is for youth.


For Jakarta fashion week, I think this event is suitable for all generation of people. but I think, compared with brightspot market, the product in Jakarta fashion festival is more populist. Because of the market segmentation is for all people. what I like about this event is the place. The place is suitable for big event like Jakarta fashion week. The air inside the room is great. So we can enjoy shopping in there.